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Aslak Brimi er ein nyskapande tradisjonalist. Han er stolt engasjert i den tradisjonelle musikken, men arbeider også som nyskapar og med sjangerblandande musikkuttrykk. Han har vunne gjævaste feleklassa på Landskappleiken fem gonger, nominert til Spellemann-prisar, og vunne fleire FolkeLarm-prisar, mellom anna Årets folkemusikar for 2016.

Hans W. Brimi var ein nestor i si tid innan slåttemusikken og musikkulturen i Lom og Gudbrandsdalen. Aslak Brimi vidarefører musikk- og kulturarven etter bestefaren. 

Aslak Brimi - foto: Ingvil S. Ljones
Aslak Brimi - foto: Ingvil S. Ljones
My grandfather, Hans W. Brimi, was regarded as a nice fellow by those who knew him. He had many close friends nationwide among people interested in folk music. The music and everything connected with it, was an important part of his life. I myself did not know Hans W. Brimi as a concert musician or a great fiddler. I started to play the fiddle too late for that, and when I got interested in earnest, he had put the fiddle on the shelf. I am sorry to admit never to have played with him. But there is a host of nice memories. To me he was Grandfather Brimi, the one who kept the kids on a straight line when we visited the farm. To me he will always be the Old Man with the wool cap put askew, or the one lying comfortably on the sofa in the old farm house. No one snored louder than Grandfather.

Along with the music with his style I have the storyteller on tape. I often listen to these recordings, and together with the memories they give me inspiration.

My music today allways has a drop of Lom and the music of my grandfather in it. The tunes i have after him is a treasure and a musical heritage I humbly uses as a musician.

My purpose is not to play like Grandfather or the other old players from Lom. But the sound or tonality, the feeling, the rhythm, and the dynamics in his music are qualities which I wish to achieve. To me these things are something special. 

Kunsta må vera som det rennande vatn: Det må vera levande samanheng med utspringet, men alltid med friske tillaup.  

Art must be like a flowing river: There must be a living connection with the source, but always with fresh tributarys. 
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